Online Meeting Schedulers

Scheduling meetings with people outside our organization can be a hassle. There are many tools out there. Many people use Doodle but there are alternatives.

I’ve compiled a list of good free options below:

  • – has a nice interface, and is free and open source software.
  • – is a simple tool that lets you gather each person’s schedule range and then set a time that works for everyone. You set the initial date options and a time range, and then each person types in their name and paints in their open times. You can also use it to look generally at when people are available by day of the week. Everyone can see each other’s availability after it has been entered.
  • – similar to When2Meet but only the organizer can see responses. It does allow for a lot more customization of times, so you can pick just certain hours each day to poll attendees about, where When2Meet just allows for a time range that is the same for each day.
  • Google Sheets – need a simple option that is more flexible? Create a Google Sheet that everyone can complete. Just be sure to change the sharing settings to anyone with the link and edit. I’ve created an example here. You’re welcome to save a copy of it and try it out. An example screenshot below shows you how it works.

Let me know if you have other suggestions or if the Google Sheets is useful!

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