Executive Search

Hiring an executive director is the most important role of a nonprofit board. It can also be a challenging task, requiring a broad set of skills and knowledge of the nonprofit sector. I can offer a professional and cost-effective option that will free the board’s time up to focus on the needs of the organization during a transition.

After decades of working in and leading nonprofit organizations, I have the expertise to conduct executive searches for high-quality, visionary leaders for your nonprofit. I also have extensive connections in our local nonprofit community. I want to provide the best possible service, so I have partnered with Third Sector Company to offer executive searches. This means your organization will have access to a time-tested executive search process, as well as experienced nonprofit leaders to conduct your search. Third Sector Company recently completed a successful search in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The comprehensive Third Sector Company executive search process consists of:

  • An in-depth organization assessment, as well as training for the board on the search process, and a compelling job posting;
  • A thorough hiring process including posting, recruitment, screening, and interviews; and
  • Expertise on the intricacies of hiring an executive director, as opposed to a for-profit leader.

More details on Third Sector Company’s search process.

You can benefit from having the best of both worlds – local expertise and national best practices – for your next search. Contact me at ingrid@ingridkirst.com or 402-730-2532 to discuss your executive director search needs.