Executive Search

Hiring an executive director is the most important role of a nonprofit board. It can also be a challenging task, requiring a broad set of skills and knowledge of the nonprofit sector. I can offer a professional and cost-effective option that will free the board’s time up to focus on the needs of the organization during a transition.

After decades of working in and leading nonprofit organizations, I have the expertise to conduct executive searches for high-quality, visionary leaders for your nonprofit. I also have extensive connections in our local nonprofit community. I want to provide the best possible service, so I have partnered with Jan Glick and Associates to offer executive searches. This means your organization will have access to a time-tested executive search process, as well as experienced nonprofit leaders to conduct your search. Jan Glick and Associates recently completed a successful search in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The comprehensive Jan Glick and Associates executive search process consists of:

  • An in-depth organization assessment, as well as training for the board on the search process, and a compelling job posting;
  • A thorough hiring process including posting, recruitment, screening, and interviews; and
  • Expertise in the intricacies of hiring an executive director, as opposed to a for-profit leader.

More details on the full search process with Jan Glick and Associates.

In 2021, I led successful search processes for two Lincoln-based nonprofit organizations both of which had specific areas of expertise they needed.

You can benefit from having the best of both worlds by working with Ingrid Kirst Consulting and Jan Glick and Associates – local expertise and national best practices – for your next search. Contact me at ingrid@ingridkirst.com or 402-730-2532 to discuss your executive director search needs.

“I had been chair of a local nonprofit for three months when our long-time founding executive director announced his retirement. We floundered and faltered for a bit trying to find a replacement and considered a merger; our founder was a sort of one-man band who ran the office, worked on fundraising and development, and provided direct service, all on a limited budget. We got Ingrid’s name and she immediately helped us focus on the traits we needed from a new ED and which roles or tasks could be handled by others. She helped us hire an interim ED (who eventually became the permanent ED), helped us connect to a grant writer, met with existing staff, set up interviews and made recommendations. She attended some board meetings with us ( a couple even while she was on vacation!) We are thrilled with where we are today, and could not be more pleased with Ingrid’s critical assistance.” – Jane F. Langan Mach, Center for Legal Immigration Assistance (CLIA) Board Chair