Interim Executive Director

If your executive director is leaving, don’t rush to hire. As an interim executive director based in Lincoln, Nebraska, I provide professional and experienced leadership while the board takes the time it needs to find the right candidate. At the same time, I can be a consultant to the board to improve all aspects of the organization.

As a graduate of the Interim Executives Academy, I can bring the best practices for interim directors to your organization, including a structured process for transitioning to the interim, ensuring everything in the organization is aligned with the mission, and assisting with the new executive director hiring process.

Pricing: As an interim director, my rate will be similar to the full salary and benefits package for your incoming ED. There are many variables to this that we can discuss, but you can know that the cost will fit into your existing budget.

Contact me to discuss whether your organization needs an interim director during a transition period.

To learn more about the advantages of hiring an interim executive director during this critical time in your organization’s development, I encourage you to read Interim Executive Directors: The Power in the Middle from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


I have served as an interim executive director with the following organizations:

Community Action of Nebraska – March to November 2021

Ingrid brings the best qualities of a nonprofit consultant. She listens first, gains quick understanding of your work and what you need, and will bring achievable solutions to the table in short order. Whether you are starting something new, or you need something fixed, Ingrid is the first call I would make. She will leave your organization stronger and more ready for what’s next.” — Aaron Bowen, CAN Board Chair

This is the first time I have worked with Ingrid as a new ED, but she has worked with our organization a couple of times. As a new ED coming in to an organization that needed strong leadership, having Ingrid available for questions and transition was priceless! I am certain that her ability to set up a solid succession plan, keep operations going in the interim time and also her support in my first few weeks. I am certain I would have navigated on my own if I had to but I am also certain that I have been able to move very quickly with my vision because she eliminated a lot of learning curve barriers. I also appreciate that she keeps in touch to check in and offer support or assistance. Her experience is exceptional for any organization.” — Tina Rockenbach, Executive Director Community Action of Nebraska

Community Action of Nebraska (CAN) asked me to return as interim executive director upon the departure of their current executive director. I spent significantly more time there this time, which allowed me to improve many aspects of the organization and assess the key needs for a new executive director. I also led the search for the new ED, working closely with the board and search committee.


Northeast Family Center – December 2017 to March 2018

At Northeast Family Center, I helped the organization prepare for a new executive director and a successful future. I provided leadership to the staff and made a number of improvements based on the organizational assessment I carried out. I reduced paperwork, saved money, brought in new grant funds, and found improvements in multiple areas, including technology upgrades.


Community Action of Nebraska – October to December 2017

“Ingrid’s knowledge and expertise is vast, but the most memorable part about her time as our Interim ED was her passion and dedication to nonprofits. We feel special to have contracted with her as long as we did and would highly recommend Ingrid Kirst Consulting. You will truly be learning from the best.” — Read more about what I accomplished at CAN in 2017.

Please contact me to talk about your needs for an interim at or (402) 730-2532.