Executive Director and Board Chair Coaching

Be a confident leader!

Need someone who can brainstorm solutions with you? Need to work on filling out your board? Want to build a plan for implementing your strategic plan? Interested in creating a stronger relationship between the executive director and board chair?

Executive Director Coaching

Having an executive director coach means you have someone to talk to who knows what you are going through, and who can help you develop your skills. Being an ED can be a lonely job. It’s rewarding but definitely has its stressful moments. Develop practical ways to manage yourself, your organization, and staff better.  Coaching is great for a new executive director, one who is facing new challenges, or someone ready to transition out of their position. I recommend meeting every two weeks for 3 months to start.

Board Chair Coaching

Develop confidence as a board chair through a structured process of learning. You’ll be able to lead board meetings easily and effectively, engage other board members in work, and have a strong relationship with your executive director. For an effective result, I recommend meeting for 6 months with monthly calls.

Joint Board Chair and Executive Director Coaching

The relationship between a board chair and the executive director is the most crucial one in any nonprofit, but it isn’t always the easiest working relationship. Let me help you work together better. If you can build great lines of communication, just imagine how far you can take your nonprofit. We can work together for 3 to 6 months to build this strong relationship.

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“When you are at the top there is nowhere to go. Ingrid was very valuable in being able to talk through the current situations whether it was a staff issue or how to handle a certain issue in the office. She was available and able to provide guidance and suggestions from her personal experience based on the situation that we were going through at the time. Ingrid is also very positive, which sometimes is needed. Ingrid provided valuable input that I had no one else to ask. She helped me prioritize, identify those items that needed to be addressed and those that could be dismissed. The advice and suggestions that she gave me are working and I am getting the results that I want. GENIUS!” – Heather Creevan, Nebraska Recycling Council Executive Director